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Give Help: Gifts in Kind

Elevate families’ lives at Housing Families First through your in-kind gift donations! Your contributions, from cozy blankets to household essentials, create comfort and hope for those overcoming homelessness. Join us in spreading positivity and making a direct impact on families working towards a fresh start. Your generosity shines a light of support and care, showing that brighter days are ahead. Donate gifts in kind today and be a beacon of positivity in the journey of the families we serve!

View Our Wish Lists and Current Greatest Needs

Helping families in need is what we’re all about at Housing Families First. You can make a big difference by donating gifts-in-kind such as new bedding, towels, and shower curtains for our shelter rooms, as well as cleaning supplies to keep our spaces clean and welcoming. New household items for our shelter and boutique are always greatly appreciated. We also have a need for several items that can be either gently used or new (but all in great condition, please), such as IKEA zippered bags, luggage, freshly washed comforters, and pots & pans. Our Donation Guide has more information on donating gifts-in-kind. Thank you!

Currently, our greatest needs are new twin bedding, kitchen items such as baking dishes and pots & pans sets, and bathroom items such as towels and shower curtains. We would also appreciate gently used luggage and IKEA zippered bags for families moving into apartments. To see more ways to contribute, check out our Amazon Wish List and Target Registry.

Gifts-in-kind may be brought to our shelter weekdays from 9:00 to 5:00 or by appointment. Look for the glass doors under the Housing Families First sign, and our friendly team will gladly receive your donations. Please bring your items in containers you’re willing to leave with us. Your kindness means the world to us and the families we support. Thank you!

Supplying the foundation for hope: fulfill our shelter’s needs with gifts in kind. Explore our wish list and support Housing Families First by donating essential items, empowering families facing homelessness on their journey to stability.

Forging Foundations’ Target Registry

Housing Families First is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest program: Forging Foundations! Forging Foundations is part of a new initiative aimed at addressing housing needs for young adults aged 18-24 who are facing a housing crisis in Greater Richmond.

We invite you to get involved! Partner with us to support twelve transitional housing beds distributed across six townhomes master leased by HFF through a condominium community in Richmond’s East End, providing flexible options for young adults facing homelessness. Engage by fundraising for furnishings or shopping to outfit the townhomes with gifts-in-kind. Our Target registry is ready to receive your generous contribution!

Thanks for sharing our excitement with us as we grow and expand our capacity to help solve family and young adult homelessness in the Richmond region!

Host a Supply Drive

We love our community partners, and you can be a vital part of our HFF family by organizing a supply drive! Gather your co-workers, friends, or neighbors to help collect items that are essential to HFF. Simply check out our most-needed items listed in the section above or choose from our Target Registry or Amazon Wish List. Once you’ve collected the gifts, drop them off at our shelter during designated hours. For added convenience, consider having items shipped directly to us from stores.

We’d love to see your efforts in action! Share pictures with us at [email protected], and we’ll proudly showcase them on our social media platforms. Your compassion and support are helping to create positive change in our community, and we’re so thankful. Together, we make a significant impact on the lives of those we serve.

Unite for Change: Be a beacon of support for Housing Families First. Host a supply drive and rally your community to gather essential items, fueling our mission to end homelessness and provide stability for families in need.

When We Aren’t Able to Accept Your Generous Donation

We are always thankful for your support! Please see our Donation Guide for a list of items HFF is able to accept. If we are unable to accept your in-kind donation, we hope that you will consider donating to one of our local partners. These are organizations in our community that we know, trust, and love that partner with us to serve the families in our programs. Thank you!

  • (check here for helpful resources in your zip code and donate to the appropriate site that is closest to you)
  • Viewpoint Services: most-needed items: Pop-top canned food, adult clothing, period products. *Items go directly to people in need and are not resold.*
  • Mercy Mall, located in N. Chesterfield (clothing, housewares, baby items) *Items go directly to people in need and are not resold.*
  • CARITAS, located in Richmond City (furniture, housewares) *May pick up furniture; Items go directly to people in need and are not resold.*
  • Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity, multiple locations (furniture and appliances)
  • Goodwill, multiple locations (clothing and household items)
  • The Thrifty Quaker, located in Midlothian (clothing and household items)
  • Goochland Cares, located in Goochland (clothing and household items) *Items go directly to people in need and are not resold.*
  • Little Hands, located in N. Chesterfield (baby and nursing items) *Items go directly to people in need and are not resold.*
  • Diversity Thrift, located in N. Chesterfield (clothing, furniture, housewares) *May pick up furniture donations*
  • Caring Closet, formerly the Caring Clothes Closet, located in the far West End (clothing) *Items go directly to people in need and are not resold.*
  • Good Shepherd Baptist Church Clothes Closet, located in Richmond City (clothing) *Items go directly to people in need and are not resold.*