Client Quote: Opening the Door to a New Future -

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Client Quote: Opening the Door to a New Future

We are humbled when we are able to hear stories of how our clients are doing and the strides they are making. We received a note today from one of our clients, and we are happy to share her story:

“I’m a client of your organization. I’m emailing you to say a deep and sincerest heartfelt thank you. I had been chronically homeless for years due to PTSD from adult and childhood traumas and a recent nine-year abusive relationship that I’d left. I’d been sleeping in a car, various random strangers, and a short term shelter stint. I’d felt lost and hopeless as if it was pointless to continue to seek better. Then Abbie was assigned to me as my housing manager.

“Initially I thought that I’d be just a case number for someone else but she listened to me, as though she shared in my pain. She understood my needs. She understood my hopes and dreams of having my own place where I felt safe and secure. She got me! That’s major to me considering that I’m socially awkward and most people don’t get me. Not to mention that I have serious trust issues from life experiences.

“I picked up the keys to my new home today. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude! Thank you so very much for your organization and your amazing staff that made such a major difference in my life.”

If you are looking to help us make a difference, we are always looking to engage with new volunteers and donors. Volunteers can help in the following ways:

* Bus tickets (single ride and weekly)

* $10 Wawa Gift cards

* Laundry Detergent

* New Twin-Sized Sheet Sets

* Shower Curtains

* All-Purpose, non-bleach cleaning supplies

* Deodorant

* Evening Supper Program for Friday Nights

* Tickets to our upcoming fundraiser A Night At The Disco

* Monetary donations to support our programs, including meals, uniforms, baby items, shelter assistance, and more.